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tv   Values Voter Summit Rep. Scalise  CSPAN  October 16, 2017 7:48pm-8:02pm EDT

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washington public affairs. whether it happened 30 years ago or 30 minutes ago, find it in the video library at where history unfolds daily. >> a family research council held its annual summit this past weekend in washington. steve scully spoke about his faith and how played a role in his recovery from a gun's shot when he sustained in june. when a man opened fire during a baseball game practice. his remarks are about ten minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you so much.
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>> god bless america. thank you. thank you. [applause] >> how heartwarming is that. thank you so much, thank you for tony perkins that only for that great introduction but for your leadership on the national stage to stand up for the values that made this country great. so thank tony for the work he does every day is head of the family research council. [applause] >> when i look at the crowd and feel the energy that you gave me, let me thank you for the prayers. my family had a tough time for the past few months. it was such an overwhelming experience that we directly received from people across this country. people like you the care about
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the greatness of america. you saw what happened, whether you knew me or not you knew it was an attack on the values of our country. and you reached out in prayer. i want to share with you about what i reached out to call upon her got to do. we have a great and mighty god and i'm a living example of the miracles he can produce. [applause] after i was shot, i fall down and start crawling away from the gunfire. once my arms gave out and i cannot crawl anymore, i laid there and the first thing i said is i'm going to pray. i prayed to god. i prayed to over specific things because i knew there is nothing else i could do. i always had a deep faith but at a time like this you're calling on god in a more important way
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where you're asking him to do some things that are pretty mighty. i first thought about my 10-year-old daughter and said please don't let her walk up the aisle alone. then i prayed that i could see my family again, my wife and two kids. then i heard other gunfire, the capital please security detail that our to protect me were engaging the shooter. i prayed they were successful in carrying out their duty and in a heroic way they did. and they save the life of myself and everybody else there. what it differ me and showed me show me the call mistake i can give you the most trying times. imagine being shot by a gunman who came with heavy artillery to do great damage to all of us.
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after being hit i had a call miss and ease because i knew it was in god's hand. after that in the hospital to see the overwhelming support and prayers coming from all around the country and world. it was overwhelming and it lifted me up and give me strength. i cannot thank you enough for those prayers. it's the reason i'm here today. thank you for that love and compassion. [applause] >> i want to share about what i hungered for that hospital for three and half months. the first month year fighting for your life and then you're trying to get back to the way you were in the third month i was getting stir crazy thinking how can i get out of here.
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i long to go back home. we have some of the greatest food in the world. i thought about my favorite restaurants and going into my house and seeing my kids there. they had spent a lot of the summer with me through my healing. but i also thought about getting back to work. i love doing the job as an elective representative in south carolina and as the majority wit. i really hungered to get back to work and ultimately i was able to. let me tell you how important some of that work is. the first week i was back we passed a bill that stopped abortions after 20 weeks when we know a baby can feel pain. [applause] was a strong boat. a very important piece of
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legislation. the scientific data shows that the baby can feel pain after that. now let's encourage our senators to take this bill up to vote on it and hopefully pass that bill because donald trump wants to sign that bill into law. >> i was excited to hear that president trump came to address that group. what a great president he is when you think about what he's doing right now. just to tell you the person he is within a day when i was shot him and melania i was still going through surgeries and was unaware of what was going on but my wife was there and they consoled and gave her comforting and then the president call me from the hospital and a timeout to check on me and see how i was doing. i enjoyed working with the
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president on a number of issues i worked to make sure a repeal and replace was a complete defunding up planned parenthood. let me tell you, that fight is not over. we passed the dell in the house by thin majority. i had to put that coalition together. you're talking about threading a needle inside a needle. it was tough to do when you look at the most conservative issues read issues they wanted to address. we had to put them all together, and we did. and you look at the senate and they came within one vote which means they cannot give up. they have to keep fighting and keep working until they get that vote and pass that bill and get that onto president trumps death
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so he can sign it. talking about god, this got no attention but a few months ago one of my colleagues who doesn't believe we should open up the house in prayer everyday, which by the way we do. we have a chaplain and we open up with prayer every day. in god we trust is right there. did he said we should not have to pray and it went to federal court. just wednesday of this week we got a ruling that says yes we can open up in prayer every day. a great victory. [applause] and talking about president trump, imagine if that went to the supreme court, and if clinton was president but not because of president trump we have no gorsuch on the supreme
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court to help ensure that we have a court that will actually interpret the constitution the way it was written. not the way you think or think, but the way it was written by our founding fathers. so, we'll continue to work with president trump. i'm working closely on tax reform. let me tell you how important that is to families across america. the fact that were going to lower every rate for families and at the highest corporate rate in the world that's killing jobs in america, let's bring them back to america. how about repeal the death tax completely. [applause] double the child tax credit and what if in our bill, we simplify the tax code so 90% of all americans can fill out their taxes on a postcard.
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or for young people you can fill it out on your smart phone. that's what tax reform is about. those are the things were working on. it is such a great time in this country when you look at opportunities we have. you can focus on things that haven't been done. but when i came back i came back with a sharper focus. i know it's important in life. but i know you have to sharpen even more on the things that are important, your family, your friends of the things you love doing. i have a burning passion to help fight for the greatness of america. we stand for the national anthem because we know what that means. [applause] ultimately, the things we are frustrated with and that we want government to do, the things that president trump wants on
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his desk, let's not give up that fight whether repealing and replacing obama care, moving forward on the johnson amendment which i'm happy to be working with tony perkins on to make sure people of religious faith cannot be intimidated by the irs to suppress their political feels. we have to stop that policy. president trump onset bill on his desk, let's fight to get it on his desk. this is a great time to be in the fight. what all of you do as a fight to make sure these critical issues are front and center in this national debate, it's great to be here and great to be a live, it's great to be here. god bless you and god bless america. [applause] [applause]
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[inaudible] [inaudible] . . jefferson city, missouri, for the next stop on the c-span bus.
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>> the fewer of the affordable care act, and also, a talk about the efforts to limit government surveillance under fisa. be sure to watch "washington journal" at 7:00 eastern tuesday morning. join the discussion. >> tomorrow, we're live in jefferson city, missouri, to the next stop on the c-span bus 50 capitol tour. the missouri secretary of state will be the guest on the bus during "washington journal" at 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> and c-span's visit to the black hat convention in las vegas now continues. we want to introduce you josh datko who founded a company called criptronics. what do you


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